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In the beginning, I was very fragmented and overwhelmed, and my biggest challenge was what needed to be looked at first.

Working with you has helped me to unpick my priorities by assessing where I’m at in all areas of my life.

So now, I know that my mindset was the biggest challenge, but with the knowledge I have learnt about my limiting behaviours, I can now address them and make a simple plan of action.

Thank you for your warmth and enthusiasm Spiros. You have a great way of steering through chaos with creative ideas and simple reminders to become empowered.

Lynn G. – Manchester

Before working with you, I faced challenges about being myself. I am now more aware of when I’m not being myself and that alone has helped me a great deal.

I sometimes struggle with social situations and meeting new people, but this was not the case with you, as I felt you have a very calm and understanding demeanor. I really enjoyed meeting you. I feel that you showed me how to put things into perspective, in a way that seemed less overwhelming.

I generally had a good sense of wellbeing and actually felt comfortable in my own skin after the sessions.

I’d like to thank you Spiros, for the sessions and for helping me put together plans for my future. And helping me set some positive goals. An absolute pleasure, thank you!

Paul R. – Manchester

Initially, my biggest problem was cluttering and the effect it has on me and my family.

Before we start the session with Spiros, I was wondering, how was this going to work? How is talking going to help me with the physical reality of my issues?

However, the sessions were very interesting and thought provoking. They were surprisingly relaxed, enjoyable and actionable!

The best thing I got from coaching with you Spiros was understanding what is actually behind my issue.

This for me has been an invaluable exercise and journey, thank you.

Elaine O. – Manchester

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My biggest challenge before working with Spiros was dealing with a sense of being overwhelmed and simultaneously dealing with procrastination.

It’s been a great process working with Spiros! If anything at all, now I have a sense of clarity and have been able to break down my tasks and goals in manageable ways.

The biggest result so far was that I had been able to put things in place that allow for consistency, understanding that I can enjoy my challenges and simultaneously work at them.

Ultimately I have seen this process as an investment in myself and it had been a character building experience. Thanks Spiros.

Simba M. – Manchester

When I started working with Spiros my biggest challenge was moving forward in my life with regards to creating an income as well as feeling generally stuck in my life as a whole, especially regarding my health.

In each session you’ve helped me bring focus to areas that I wanted to change and you have enabled me to see a different perspective by making me aware of my own attitude and limitations of my thought process. I often left our sessions feeling a lot of clarity and an optimism that change really could take place.

Now, I really have come out of that long standing feeling of being “stuck”. I have got clarity, hope, vision for the future and I have an idea for a business. The knock on effect is that I’ve dealt with many other long standing issues, in my home, personal life, self-care and everything is happening with ease, in flow without struggle.

You are an intuitive person who really listens, and that quality of listening is a powerful tool. A pleasure to work with you Spiros!

Jo .M. – Manchester

Before Spiros and I started working together, I found myself lost inside a procrastination doom loop. The problem was that the paper I was working on was never good enough to be published, so I could always find something better to do (i.e. clean the whole flat or declutter my wardrobe). Not focusing on the task though, was causing me stress and I started to feel inadequate and not good enough. Feeling overwhelmed by stress was preventing me from finishing the task and I was trapped in a vicious cycle.

What is really important in life coaching is to find a coach that matches with you according to your needs and Spiros was the right fit for my case. His knowledge over meditation helped also to add another perspective and it helped me a lot overall.

After a few sessions, I managed to have control over the reasons I was “feeding” this situation and Spiros helped me to identify ways to buffer the difficulties that I was facing during the process.

 Georgia C. – Manchester

Working with Spiros is a very rewarding experience. He takes the time to breakdown your thoughts and clarify what it is you want (which you may not be a 100% sure of). He will coach you to reflect on your own thought process, and ask yourself what are the barriers preventing your success.

I would emphasis this is done in a non-judgmental, encouraging and supportive manner, and he will unlock that potential you have, or have forgotten about, plus he will drive you toward your future successes.

You have all the answers, however, it is likely you do not realise this or understand how to achieve these on your own. So, reward yourself with the time to sit down with Spiros, and let him walk you through his coaching process to allow you that time you deserve and create that value-driven life you desire.

Thank Spiros, you helped me clarify what I want, and take those steps towards it 🙂

Colin G. – Manchester

When I started working with Spiros, I had just discovered I was about to lose my job earlier than expected and was facing the prospect of returning to freelancing once more after some time away from it.

Life Coaching is a fascinating process and whilst working with Spiros I was able to make very important discoveries about myself and my capabilities to manage the challenging situation I was facing.

The process was really all about drawing out answers and solutions that had already existed within me, but were buried, jumbled or unclear. During the sessions, I was able to access these, order them and use them to formulate an action plan.

Together with various meditations and coping strategies that Spiros also took me through, I now feel better prepared to face the future with more confidence in my own talents and experiences and manage any further challenges or set backs along the way.

Thank you Spiros, it has been a very enlightening process working with you!

Rebecca M. – Manchester

I was exploring the possibility of becoming a coach myself but wasn’t sure if this is truly what I want. I was undecided and thought the best thing would be to get coached in order to gain clarity.

I genuinely enjoyed working with you purely because you were honest, chilled out, approachable, patient and curious to figure out how I am holding myself back by challenging my thought process which made me realise things I had not thought about. Moreover the conversation was more like talking to a close friend rather than someone I didn’t know.

Your questioning and challenging my thought process made me realise that coaching is my calling and I have now registered to obtain a diploma within this field.

Thank you Spiros for your time and help. I enjoyed working with you and truly appreciate you asking the tough questions which made me think and explore my options. After our conversation I exactly knew what I needed to do, how it would be done and how I would deal with any obstacles that came along the way. You also made me realise how I feel about coaching which was awesome.

Ali K. – Manchester

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