Baby steps for massive progression

In the previous week, I talked about the various reasons that we tend to procrastinate and one of those reasons is that people don’t know how and where to start. From this week, I will start providing you with some simple but effective ways to bypass this habit, to get things done, or else, to […]

What is this procrastination after all?

Do you know the feeling of anxiety when you have neglected for long what matters? When for example, you postpone again and again to apply to that new job, or study for that exam, or finish that important project? Or even when you just don’t sit down to spend 30 minutes for paying all outstanding […]

Merging Sounds and Thoughts

Being mindful is to be aware of the here and now without any judgements of the situation, we find ourselves. Being aware though, sounds quite abstract, doesn’t it? You see, there are different types and directions that we can place our awareness. Broad awareness For example, when we walk in nature, we want broad awareness; […]

Obstacle or Excuse?

Usually, we find excuses for not doing the things that matter. And we bring these excuses as obstacles that prevent us. In my new podcast called Obstacle or Excuse (published a couple of days ago at InsightTimer), I share with you a powerful coaching question, that will bring clarity and help you unlock what is […]

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