When you follow your dreams, your nightmares come along

Change and fears

So many people want to make their dreams come true. And to be fair, why not?

But, then I wonder… why most of us stay behind?

Why most of us live inside a limited world?

Why so many of us feel unhappy and unfulfilled?

And I ask these questions because nowadays, we live in a world of possibilities and of unlimited potential. As I see it, everyone should be able to go out to the world, take the steps and grad their share.

Change and fears

But, there’s the catch. We have to take the steps, which most of the times, lead us to unknown territory.

And because our current situation will always be more comfortable and warmer than a new one, not everyone is willing to change.

Not everyone is willing to take the necessary risks (and let’s face it, there are risks along the path of change) or willing to go after their dreams.

Because when we follow our dreams, our nightmares come along.

And the nightmares have to come along!

Facing your fears

We cannot bring change without facing the unknown, without looking at our fears in the eyes. In order to seize the day, we have to make the first move. We have to show to the world (but most importantly to ourselves), that we are willing to change, no matter what!

So today, I will ask you to take some time to think about the fears that hold you back, the things that you would prefer to avoid. You don’t have to overcome those fears, just take time to contemplate on them.

And soon you will notice that the more you think about them, the less scary they seem.

When you follow your dreams, your nightmares come along

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

When you follow your dreams, your nightmares come along
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