Month: January 2020

Reasons that we give up on mindfulness

Have you ever decided to practice a full week of mindfulness meditation and only after a few days you gave up? Was it because it was hard to be mindful? There is this misconception that being mindful and aware of the present moment is hard, which is not really true. And to prove it to […]

Merging Sounds and Thoughts

Being mindful is to be aware of the here and now without any judgements of the situation, we find ourselves. Being aware though, sounds quite abstract, doesn’t it? You see, there are different types and directions that we can place our awareness. Broad awareness For example, when we walk in nature, we want broad awareness; […]

The 3 Most Important Benefits of Mindfulness

Today, I will talk about meditation, mindfulness and their benefits, and I am quite excited to start this new year with this topic. The reason that I want to talk about it is because I have seen the benefits of meditation and mindfulness myself, and I want to give back what I have found useful. […]

From the moment we are born, we start to die

From the moment we are born, we start to die, and the process lasts our whole life. You see, people die all the time from various causes, like diseases, car accidents, airplane crashes, wars – and we hear about these in the news every single day. And apart from these random unfortunate events that may […]

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