Who Am I?

who am I - blackboard

Am I a coach? Am I a father? Am I a man?
Sometimes, I wonder what is this that describes me the best.

And the more I contemplate on it, the more baffled I become.

Still, at the end of the day, there isn’t a single attribute that can define me.
There are not even two attributes that can define me. Or ten thousand!

Because attributes are just words.

But when we confine ourselves by words, all sorts of psychological issues arise (like anxiety or depression) because we identify with them and we act accordingly.

Just think of what happens when you constantly say to yourself “I am weak, I am weak”, or when you say to yourself “I am happy, I am happy”.

Does its remind you of something?
Well, this is the basic idea of affirmations after all.

You see, our ego loves attributes, labels and roles.
These words, attributes, labels, roles are clearly defined and our ego loves that – it feels safer because it can position ourselves in an estranged world.

I am wondering, what are you saying to yourself lately?
Is it positive? Is it negative? Does it affect you?

Who Am I?
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