The “Yes, BUT…” game

Yes, BUT game

The “game” is all about going to a friend for advice and after receiving the advice or suggestion, you always find an argument against it.

It goes like this:
friend: “Why don’t you…?
you: “Yes, but…

I discovered, with the help of my coach, that I play this game quite often.

The other thing I noticed is that, although deep inside I know what I have to do, I keep on finding excuses (the BUT part) against my intuition, against my gut feeling.

But after realising that I do that, it became easier to tackle and change this kind of annoying behaviour.

The “Yes, but” game was first introduced by Eric Berne, a psychiatrist who worked extensively in human behaviour and was the founder of Transactional Analysis.

Do you play this game? Do you know anyone who does?

I know it’s not easy to notice these subtle attitudes on your own, but with the help of a coach you can definitely overcome the behaviours that do not serve you anymore, like the “yes, but…” – contact me now if you want to know more!

The “Yes, BUT…” game
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