Senior Yogis sessions started again!

Senior Yogis - with Peter


After having stopped my “Senior Yogis” group for a few years, today, I started again. And you can’t imagine how happy I feel about it!

We were 10 people in the circle this morning, and for 1 hour we shared the space of Holland Court at Chorlton, where I guided them through relaxing meditation and breathing exercises.

The session also included various yoga-like poses, adapted for their age group – we even completed a variation of Sun Salutation, 3 times!!!

Everyone in the circle (including me) got so much today, and I’m not talking only about the physical and mental benefits that yoga and meditation can provide – there was such a positive atmosphere and smiles flying around the room.

By the way, in the photo, you see Peter. He is always there in the classes and although his struggles, he is one of the most positive people you will ever meet in your life, seriously!

I so much love working with elderly and seniors, I have learned so much from them, about happiness, about struggles, about life.

Love you all guys! See you in 2 weeks 🙂

Senior Yogis sessions started again!
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